Tips to Take Care of your Business’ HVAC System While Away

As businesses all over prepare to reopen after time away in the fight against COVID-19, it’s important to make sure that you continue to take care of your business’s facility, even while not around. To help keep your commercial space in top shape, there are a few things that you can take care of before an extended time away, during a closure (or for a vacation), and afterward as you prepare to get back into the normal operations.

Keep the System On

As a first step, it’s important to make sure to not turn off your HVAC system. While the cost-savings may be tempting, you’ll likely end up paying more to undo the damage caused to your facility by humidity, temperature swings, mold, mildew, and more. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

No matter the season, it can be difficult to know what to set your thermostat for an extended period of time. In the Florida heat, the general rule of thumb is 80 degrees and below is best. By keeping your thermostat at a reasonable temperature, you can prevent unwanted mold and mildew by keeping the air fresh. If you know your space will be closed for some time, you can further optimize your thermostat by having someone periodically check up and adjust the thermostat. This will help prevent unnecessarily overworking your HVAC system.

You can also invest in a programmable or smart thermostat so that you can rest easy knowing your thermostat is automatically updating.

Decrease Extra Burden

Before leaving your space, make sure to close up all windows, blinds, and doors. The reduced sunlight greatly decreases extra heat generated naturally.

Meanwhile, you can also make sure to unplug unnecessary electronics and equipment. Whether or not you notice it, electronics that are plugged in and on (even if asleep) generate extra heat that your air conditioner system may be fighting. Plus, by turning off these extra appliances, you slash your energy bill even further.

Keep Your Air Filter Fresh

Outside of your thermostat, one of the easiest things you can control in your home and commercial space is the air filter. Your air filter traps dust, dirt, and allergens over time. In doing so, it decreases the ease of airflow through the filter; making the system less efficient. It’s important to keep your filter fresh for better airflow with or without people around. If you aren’t sure how often you should change your air filter, check your manufacturer’s instructions.

Monitor and Clean Other Parts

By cooling the air indoors, your AC system is collecting moisture; but where does this moisture go? Your system has a condensation drain line to filter out excess moisture. However, these lines must be cleaned to prevent moisture buildup that can leak from blockages and/or become a hotbed for mold and bacteria.

Related to your condensation drain line is the drip pan. Your drip pan is another collection point for excess moisture. Make sure to keep your drip pan clear of excessive dirty water and debris. As the drip pan and condensation drain line are connected, it is recommended that you tackle both when checking.

Here to Help

These are easy ways to make sure your HVAC system is prepared to perform when you need it most. As businesses prepare to reopen or if you and your team are going on a vacation, these simple steps can help keep your space comfortable upon return. Do you still need help taking care of your system? For both commercial and residential systems, Stellar Services can help you keep your system at its best. Get in touch with our team of HVAC system experts for all maintenance needs.