Air Filter Tips & Recommendations

Change Those Air Filters!

There are countless reasons to make sure your air filter is being changed properly. For one, dirty air filters are the top reason for HVAC system failure. A dirty filter restricts the air flow into your air or heating systems air handler. The air flow becomes restricted which, in turn, causes strain on the air handler fan motor and could over time burn out the motor and cause your system to overheat and, ultimately, fail. HVAC systems are a huge investment in your home and performing routine maintenance or replacing your air filter is a small price to pay in order to protect your home’s investment.

Secondly, a dirty air filter reduces the air quality in your home which can provoke allergies and asthma, particularly children’s allergies.

Our Stellar Air Filter Preference

Every home is different and depending on the type of home, the type of HVAC system, and the type of filters you use, the amount of time in between air filter changes will vary. At Stellar Services we prefer the 5 inch thick media air American Standard filters which only require a 2x a year change.

It’s important to remember that by changing those dirty air filters you will save money by cutting energy cost, you’ll help keep your family healthy, and you’ll protect one of your home’s biggest investments. Remember Stellar Services is here to assist you with all of your air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration needs. Please contact us today and find out how Stellar Services can help you protect your home and keep your family healthy and cool.