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Air Duct Cleaning Services

If you have noticed that dust is piling up in your home more quickly than normal, it may be time to look into air duct cleaning services. Pet hair, dead skin, dander, dust, and other indoor air pollutants can build up in your air vents that can cause a host of problems for your HVAC unit.

Air duct cleaning is an important part of any AC maintenance program. With Stellar Services, we provide thorough duct cleaning services to Gainesville and North Central Florida area. Regular air duct cleaning keeps your HVAC unit running at maximum efficiency and cleans the air you breathe.

Breathe easier with professional air duct cleaning services from Stellar Services!


Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning

There are several reasons why getting air duct cleaning regularly is a good idea for Gainesville area homeowners:

  • Pets – If you have pets, particularly pets who shed, it’s a good idea to consider air duct cleaning as the pet hair and dander can quickly clog up your HVAC system.
  • New Home – If you have recently moved into a new home and are unsure if the previous homeowners performed a duct cleaning, then it would be wise to schedule one yourself to clean out any pollutants and debris that were left behind.
  • Smoking – If you or someone you live with smokes inside the home, the nicotine can create a stickiness inside the air ducts that can damage your duct work as well as cause other pollutants to stick more easily.
  • Allergies – If you or a family member experience severe airborne allergies, duct cleaning is effective at removing some of those allergens from the home. As always, it’s important to always use a high-quality allergen air filter in your home.
  • Improved Efficiency – If you notice that your air filters get clogged easily, it is a sign that your air ducts need cleaning. Even with good quality air filters, your system can still get clogged with particles. When the ducts are clogged with dust, the airflow is restricted, causing your unit to work harder to cool or heat the air.
  • Odors in the Air – If you have a distinct smell that fills your home, and it’s not a pleasant one, it may mean that odors are trapped in your air ducts. Cooking with oils, water damage (mold), and a vermin infestation can all affect the smell of your home.

Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

If you are interested in the signs that your air duct system needs cleaning, read our blog post here: 5 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Services from Stellar Services

If you are in the Gainesville or North Central Florida area and need duct cleaning services, call Stellar Services today. Our professional HVAC technicians would be happy to inspect your air ducts to see if they need cleaning and will work with you to provide a thorough and comprehensive cleaning. We recommend a duct cleaning every 2-5 years, depending on your environment. We also offer other indoor air quality services that will leave your indoor air fresh and clean.

Duct cleaning keeps the air in your home clean and clear. If you’ve noticed your air quality getting worse, give us a call and we can inspect your ducts.