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Ductless Mini-Splits

Mini-Split Service & Installation in North Central Florida

Ductless Mini-Splits Stellar Services Gainesville FLMini-split air conditioning systems, also known as ductless systems or “mini-splits,” have many advantages over other types of AC units. Most effective in multifamily unit houses that do not have central air conditioning systems, they work well as inexpensive add-ons for families that choose to enclose garages, Florida rooms, etc. Ductless mini-splits bring air conditioning to new rooms or small apartments.

The Makeup of the Mini-Split AC System

Two components make up mini-splits:

  1. The indoor wall hung unit.
  2. The outdoor condensing unit.

A refrigerant line, much like central air conditioning refrigerant lines, connects the two units.

Advantages of a Mini-Split AC System

Mini-splits offer a number of advantages over other AC systems. We’ve listed just a few of the advantages of mini-splits.

  • Mini-splits come with options. The indoor portion is versatile enough to go nearly anywhere in a room.
  • Size restrictions matter less with mini-splits. This eases the installation system.
  • One outdoor unit allows for multiple indoor units. This makes them more affordable than some air conditioning system options.
  • Mini-splits use much less energy than central air. In some cases, mini-splits can save up to 50%.
  • You can hide mini-splits. Unlike thermostats or window units, mini-splits can be placed in inconspicuous locations.
  • Most units come with a remote control, making them easy to control.
  • Mini-splits cool occupied spaces only as needed. That saves even more on energy costs.

Ductless Mini-Splits in North Central Florida

If you’re interested in learning more about how your North Central Florida or other area home or business can benefit from a ductless mini-split system give Stellar Services a call today!

Mini-splits are a great alternative to traditional AC units or simple window units. Call Stellar Services today and we’ll walk you through the installation process and help you map out where to put ductless units in your home!